On the day of your appointment please do the following:

  • Bring your insurance card(s) and valid I.D with you when you come for your appointment.
  • Bring any previous reports or CDs pertaining to the area of examination.
  • Please bring the list of your current medication.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the examination.
  • Please leave your valuable at home, including jewelry, as they have to be removed prior to entering the scan room.

You will be provided a locker for your belongings.


CT Scan:

(Weight limit: 440lbs)

Abdomen / pelvic:

Oral contrast studies:
Fast 4 hours prior to exam. Pick up oral contrast container at our office the day before study.

IV contrast Studies:
Fast from solids and liquids (except water) 4 hours prior to exam.


(Weight limit: 500lbs)

  • This exam may not be performed if you have a cardiac pacemaker, cerebral aneurysm clips, or any permanent implanted device.
  • You will be required to change into a grown for your exam.
  • If you have claustrophobia, your doctor may prescribe an oral medication for you to take prior to your appointment.


Abdomen \ Renal \ Gallbladder \ Pancreas \ Liver \ Aorta

Nothing to eat or drink 4-6 hours prior to the exam.

Pelvis \ OB \ Bladder

First empty your bladder and then drink 32oz of water 1 hour prior to the exam.

*Do not void after drinking the water !

3D Mammography

Patients for the first time at this facility please bring your prior mammogram images/ CDs

*Don’t use deodorants, antiperspirants, powders, lotions, cream or perfumes under your arms or on your breast before your mammogram. Metallic particles in your exam make it harder to interpret the results.

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Friday 8:30AM – 7:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM – 1:00PM (2nd and 4th Sat of the month only)
Sunday Closed

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